3 December, 2017
Music and poetry from the Salon of Bernhard van den Sigtenhorst Meyer. See below (1 December).
Sunday afternoon 3 December, at the Geelvinck Pianola Museum, Westerstraat 106, Amsterdam, at 17:00 hours.
Reservation recommended: tel. 020-6279624. Admission: € 15. City Pass and students: € 12.50.

1 December, 2017
Music and poetry from the Salon of Bernhard van den Sigtenhorst Meyer.
The Salon of Bernhard van den Sigtenhorst Meyer and his friend, the singer, poet and writer Rient van Santen, had been a venue for artists from The Hague for many years. Many of Van den Sigtenhorst Meyer’s compositions were premiered here, and writers and poets were reading from their own works.
In this programme, eighteen early piano works in modal-impressionistic style (1916-1923) are central, alternated by poetry and fragments of prose from the first decades of the 20th century, recited by the elocutionist Marijke Brekelmans and the poet Simon Mulder.
The Albert Vogel Hall of the The Hague Art Society [Haagse Kunstkring], Denneweg 64, The Hague, 8 pm. Admission: €15; members HKK, Ooievaarspas and students:  €12.50.

17 November, 2017
Franz Liszt in /and Venice. This concerns the same lecture as presented on 20 September, but the language is Dutch and the music examples are partly played ‘live’ by David de Best, partly by myself (both version of La lugubre gondala). The lecture-recial is organized by ‘De Poorters van Venetië’, an association aimed at restoring and preserving historic buildings and artefacts in Venice.
Instituto Italiana di Cultura, Keizersgracht 564, Amsterdam; starting at 3.30 pm (with break, until around 6 pm).
Non-members are welcome, too; admission: € 15.

Publications autumn 2017
– ‘De modaal-impressionistische klaviermuziek van Bernhard van den Sigtenhorst Meyer’ (last article)
In: Piano Bulletin 2017-2, pp. 60-67.
– ‘Met Franz op pelgrimstocht door Umbrië – een reisverslag’, pp. 54-59.
In: MUZE 2017-5, pp.

20 September, 2017
From 18 to 22 September, a Liszt week takes place at the Utrecht Conservatory, in the organization of which the Liszt Concours Foundation and the Franz Liszt Kring are also participating. Every day there is a lecture or lecture recital from 17:00 to 20:00 hours, to which a certain aspect of Liszt’s vast oeuvre is central. On Wednesday, September 20th, the theme is: LISZT AND THE PIANO. I was given the opportunity to lecture on ‘Liszt in/ and Venice’, the lagoon city where the composer had often been, the influence of which is recognizable in some of his compositions. Before the break, his stay in the spring of 1838 will be discussed. Where did the great pianist live, did he give concerts in those weeks and what people did he meet? Particular attention will be given to the compositions that were created in the period concerned (Venetia e Napoli in first edition). After the break, Liszt’s visit to Richard Wagner in the winter of 1882-1883 is central. In those days, compositions like the famous La Lugubre Gondola came into being. The lecture is illustrated with pictures (PowerPoint) and recordings; some of the works discussed are performed by students of the Utrecht Conservatory.

The lecture takes place in the Utrecht Conservatory, Mariaplaats 28 (the old building of K & W), studio I-10. Admission is free. The language is English. There is room for about sixty people; reservation is not possible.

3 September 2017
A performance dring a ‘members’ day’ organised by the Franz Liszt Kring [Circle]. Three short, unknown pieces by Liszt are being played, in which I have had a hand in one way or another: Essay sur l’indifférenceMazeppa en Göttliche Gedanken. The first two of these remain uncompleted in Sketchbook N6; in 2010 I completed these, along with another composition not previously published: Largo (AB II-18). Göttliche Gedanken is a piano transcription by me of a song also in one of Liszt’s sketchbooks, which he apparently found unworthy of publication but is oh so beautiful. Admission to this members’ day is free, also for non-members. Martyn van den Hoek and Christo Lelie are also contributing musically and it is to be concluded with a short recital by the pianist Wouter Bergenhuizen, the candidate judged best at the Twelfth Franz Liszt Piano Competition (Concours). Location is the  Westvest90 kerk, Westvest 90 te Schiedam; commencing at 3 pm.

foto: Peter van Korlaar