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Compositions by Debussy, Dallapiccola, Chopin, Liszt, Messiaen and Orthel

The CD Early Recordings was issued on the occasion of my fiftieth birthday. Tracks 1-15 are live recordings, made during the Public Presentation on the occasion of my being awarded the Prix d’Excellence on 19 November 1974 in the Bach-zaal in Amsterdam (Debussy, Dallapiccola, Chopin, Liszt). The other compositions were recorded in 1978 and 1979 in AVRO Studio 9 in Hilversum: works by Messiaen, Liszt and Orthel.

1.  Reflets dans l’eau   (C. Debussy)

2.  Feux d’artifice   (C. Debussy)

Quarderna musicale di Annalibera   (L. Dallapiccola)
3.  Simbolo
4.  Accenti
5.  Contrapunctus primus
6.  Linee
7.  Contrapunctus secundus
8.  Fregi
9.  Andantino amoroso en Contrapunctus tertius
10. Ritmi
11. Colore
12. Ombre
13. Quartina

14.  Etude in cis, op. 25 nr. 7   (F. Chopin)

15. Funérailles  (F. Liszt)

16. Noël (O. Messiaen)

17Sonetto del Petrarca nr. 104   (F. Liszt)

   Epigrammen, op. 17, (L. Orthel) FIRST RECORDING
18. Lento
19. Con moto
20. Allegretto
21. Lento
22. Allegro

23. Wiegenlied   (F. Liszt)

24. Première Valse oubliée   (F. Liszt)

25. La lugubre gondola   (F. Liszt)

26. Rhapsodie Hongroise nr. 17   (F. Liszt)

27. Sursum corda   (F. Liszt)                                                                                                       

Total playing time:  77:49

“Albert Brussee was a highly promising talent, as may be heard on a recently released compact disc. (…) The sonorous pianistics are striking, as is Brussee’s feeling for rhythm and colour: qualities apparent not only in works by Dallapiccola and Orthel, but also in interpretations of Debussy: a poetic Reflects dans l’eau and a sparkling performance of Feux d’artifice. Brussee excels also in a number of works by Liszt, with as high point a moving rendition of Funérailles.”
Jan Marisse HuizingPiano Bulletin 1996-3. (Translated from the Dutch)

This Early Recordings CD is now available only via AB Music Productions & Editions. Reduced price: € 12.50. The individual tracks can be downloaded on iTunes.



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